Bobbi Brown is a legendary professional makeup artist, writer, and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. But before creating her empire, she was just a girl with a passion for projects, and - thanks to her slight naïveté - the guts to contact major players in the modeling and makeup industries. Find out how a casual party conversation got her products on the floors of Bergdorf Goodman, what she’s working on since leaving the company, and how you can stop comparing yourself and remember to just have fun.

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1. It’s all about having fun.

2. Nothing comes easy.

3. Don’t worry about what it could be - just make it what it is.

4. It all starts with an idea - but it's got to be better than what’s already out there.

5. There are no excuses. Don’t make yourself a victim.

6. Stop comparing yourself.

7. Never ask for permission, but beg for forgiveness.

8. Be open to absorbing new information. Stay curious.



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