Ari Herstand - blogger, musician, indie artist encyclopedia, and now published author - joins Cathy to discuss his favorite unconventional strategies to invent opportunities and increase your income. How can you leverage the internet to crowdfund your career? When should you reset and reevaluate your goals? He also shares the importance of understanding your full business, stories of small artists who became a success from Periscope and Patreon, and the doors that unexpectedly open when you say “yes” to the side man trumpet gig.


  1. The old model is broken.

  2. Why are you as an artist?

  3. Know what your goals are. Make a goal sheet with tangible goals.

  4. Revisit your goal sheet every year.

  5. You’re the boss. Understand the full business before you delegate.

  6. Don’t pass your business to someone you don’t know.

  7. It’s all about the journey. Don’t think that when you get there, it’s all going to be rosy.

  8. When you start off, be open to opportunities even if they don’t fit in your plan - until you’re so busy, you can’t say yes.

  9. Your audience is real life and online.

  10. If you’re not getting booked, book yourself.

  11. Master the one platform that inspires you the most.



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