Comedian, actor, and comedy writer Wayne Federman wasn’t always comfortable in front of a crowd. So how did he transform from a ventriloquist with stage fright to a comedian working with Judd Apatow, Larry David, and Jimmy Fallon? How did identifying his true calling help him through periods of rejection and discomfort? He also shares his favorite quotes from self-help books and George Burns, explains the importance of setting specific goals, and reveals the benefits of being nice to college freshmen.

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  1. You have to be active. Anyone can dream, but you need to put it into reality.

  2. Expect rejection and disappointment. Fight through the no’s and you’ll get to the yes's.

  3. Polite persistence pays off.

  4. It’s better to be a failure in show business than to be a success at making felt hats.

  5. Just being alive is off the charts.



Wayne's Website

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Watch his reel

Also watch a documentary starring Wayne, I Am Road Comic 


Stella Adler

Lifehacker's article on Jerry Seinfeld's "Don't Break the Chain" productivity strategy

Wayne's fellow comedians at the Comic Strip comedy club - Adam Sandler, Colin Quinn, Chris Rock

Tony Robbins' self-help books

Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer

George Burns

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

1. Don’t take anything personally.

2. Be impeccable with your word.

3. Always do your best.

4. Don’t assume.

Watch Wayne's commercial reel

Casting director Allison Jones

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (what could've been)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Wayne's joke on Woody Allen: "I’ve come to really admire Woody Allen. It’s been 14 years, and he’s still married to the same daughter."

Wayne's scene on Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David Wayne scene

The Larry Sanders Show - where Wayne played Garry Shandling's brother

Wayne met this college freshman / to-be comedy mogul at the Laugh Factory


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