How to Stop Overthinking


Overthinking - we're all guilty of it. It paralyzes us, creates anxiety, brings out fears we didn't even know we had. So how do we escape our crazy, negative thought spiral? Cathy shares her tricks to quiet down your wild mind, including how to pinpoint the root cause of your overthinking, what practices can pull you out of worries, and how to open yourself up to all the good that you deserve. 

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  1. You have been assigned to do something extraordinary and magical.

  2. Give yourself time to explore. Life can be in pencil.

  3. Find your chargers. Find those sources of energy to make you more productive.

  4. Screw perfect.

  5. Write out your busy thoughts. Then challenge them. Just because you think something doesn’t mean it’s true.

  6. You can’t predict the future. Stop wasting time worrying about what could happen.

  7. The more you fail will make you far more successful.

  8. We live the lives that we’re willing to tolerate.

  9. What is the story you tell yourself about what you deserve?

  10. It’s okay to want things. Now show up and go for it.





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