Episode 41: How to Generate Meaningful Work with Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman, writer, artist, and host of the beloved Design Matters podcast talks about overcoming lifelong insecurity, setting priorities that reflect your dream job, and reveling in the long process of mastering your craft.

Episode 40: How to Start a Podcast

Why should you start a podcast? What equipment and software will make it become a reality? Find out the tools and tips it took to make this podcast, and how to build your audience once it's made.

Episode 39: Defining Success with David Sacks

What does success mean to you? Television writer and producer David Sacks explains why it’s so easy to want success, yet so few people have actually achieved it.

Episode 38: Revolutionizing Your Business Model with Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo, shares what it took to start a designer shoe brand, why she left the multi-million dollar company, and what she's doing differently to embrace the new age of e-commerce.

Episode 37: How to Get Grit with Caroline Miller

Author and positive psychology coach Caroline Miller explains how your comfort zone, your social circle, and your level of humility are affecting your ability to build grit.

Episode 36: Amy Porterfield on How to Master Online Marketing

What are email lists? How do you use Facebook Groups to interact with your audience? Social media marketing pro Amy Porterfield shares her best tips and concrete steps towards implementing these tools and inspiring followers for life.

Episode 35:  Don't Wait For January 1st - Q&A with Cathy

Cathy shares what studies have discovered about maximizing your energy, how to organize your to-do list AND get it done, and what tricks you can use to make networking less uncomfortable.

Episode 34: Q&A at Podcast Movement with OG Podcaster Luria Petrucci

Cathy answers your questions with podcast pioneer Luria Petrucci about pursuing your dream job when you have student loans, preventing a chronic illness from becoming a go-to excuse, and making a profit from your side hustle.

Episode 33: Don Most Never Stops Dreaming + Q&A with Cathy

Actor Don Most (Happy Days) shares the rollercoaster of his creative journey, involving unexpected fame, disappointment in Hollywood, and the rediscovery of his true passion in music.

Episode 32: Trina Turk Says What She Wants

 Fashion designer Trina Turk shares the lessons she accumulated as she navigated into the creation of her own brand.

Episode 31: #HustleHard - Q&A with Cathy

This week is a full Q&A to help you overcome your challenges - how much to invest in social media, why you shouldn't let the small things keep you stuck, and how to get your loved ones to understand your passion. 

Episode 30: Choreographer Mandy Moore Speaks Her Truth

Emmy-nominated choreographer Mandy Moore (La La Land, So You Think You Can Dance) takes us through the leaps and falls that have led to her phenomenal career.

Episode 29: Installation Artist David Wiseman Breaks Down the Big Picture

David Wiseman shares his journey into installation art with some tips about attacking that scary blank canvas, setting yourself apart from the competition, and finding truth in your art.

Episode 28: Halo Top’s Doug Bouton Never Looks Back

Halo Top Ice Cream President & COO Doug Bouton shares his story of trudging through miserable law firms, barely staying afloat in years of debt, and finally perfecting a product that now fills the shelves of your local supermarket.

Episode 27: Grappling with Your Muses with Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler, renowned home furniture designer and potter, explains how intuitive knowledge, a machine-like mentality, and a sprinkle of luck helped him transform from an "unemployable loser" to the creator of his home decor empire.

Episode 26: Building Momentum with Side Hustler Nick Loper

Nick Loper explains how his program Side Hustle Nation helps you maximize your time and build your income to jumpstart your creative business.

Episode 25: Taking the Jump with Verve Coffee Co-Founder Colby Barr

Verve Coffee co-founder Colby Barr serves the most important lessons he’s learned while building his coffee roasting business and expanding this carefully crafted brand.

episode 24: Standing Out from the Competition with Jewelry Designer Freida Rothman

Jewelry designer Freida Rothman shares how she paired her realistic attitude and unrelenting determination to craft her own successful line of luxury jewelry products.

episode 23: Designing Your Destiny with Carly Cylinder

Floral designer Carly Cylinder proves that even in the face of exhaustion and rejection, perseverance can triumph.

episode 22: Love Your Natural sElf with Bobbi Brown

Makeup extraordinaire Bobbi Brown explains how embracing people’s natural inner and outer beauty fueled her confidence and pathway towards becoming a cosmetics icon.  

Episode 21: Celebrating Your Community with SusieCakes

SusieCakes founder Susan Sarich shares how she cooked up a flourishing bakery business by giving back to the community that supported her.


Episodes 20: Discover Your Worth with Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes explains how her passion for botany and the French culture, along with a deep well of gratitude has resulted in her thriving boutique business, French Girl Organics.

episode 19: Making a Difference with Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr., the phenomenal Hollywood actor shares how he cultivated the skills to work on screen, what inspired his love for the environment, and why your passion will plant the seeds to a better future.

Episode 18: Defining Your Happiness with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author and host of the popular podcast “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” shares the steps towards discovering, creating, and embracing your own happiness.

Episode 17:  Painting an Artistic Revolution with Rebecca Schweiger

Renowned artist Rebecca Schweiger shares how she left her success in the art galleries to create New York City’s #1 art school, the Art Studio NY.

episode 16: From 10% to 100% Entrepreneur with Patrick McGinnis

Entrepreneur and writer Patrick McGinnis teaches you how to test the financial sustainability of your passion projects, and what logistics you need to consider before launching your business and completely leaving your day job.

Episode 15: The Quick & Dirty Tips to Building Success with Mignon Fogarty

Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. “Grammar Girl” explains how she created the popular podcast network Quick and Dirty Tips, and how she’s kept the momentum going for over a decade.

episode 14: Freeing Your Mind with Susan Kaiser Greenland

Mindfulness and meditation expert Susan Kaiser Greenland teaches you tips and techniques to reframe an overly active mindset, and tolerate the discomfort and worries in life.

Episode 13: Writing Your Own Story with Novelist Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin shares her story about escaping a prestigious (yet miserable) occupation as a lawyer, fighting rounds of rejection, and becoming the author of multiple international bestsellers.

episode 12: Sculpting Your Dream with Brian Giniewski

Ceramic artist Brian Giniewski explains how he crafted a career in pottery using fun, failures, and most of all, passion.

Episode 11: Crafting a DIY Blog into an “Overnight Success” with Elise Blaha Cripe

Blogger and DIY craft connoisseur Elise Blaha Cripe shares how she turned her online presence into a small business that helps you achieve your goals.

episode 10: Unlocking Our Unlimited Potential with Fashion Designer Susan Lazar

This week, fashion entrepreneur Susan Lazar explains how an unrelenting persistence and impromptu attitude got her luxury clothing line into the biggest department stores around the country.

Episode 9: Standing Out Means Blending together with Ben Bram

Vocal arranger and producer Ben Bram shares how he used humility and respect for humanity to build a career with Pitch Perfect, Glee, and the talented, award-winning a capella group, Pentatonix.

Episode 8: Going the Distance Despite the Odds with Saul Blinkoff

This week, director Saul Blinkoff teaches you about working harder on and changing your attitude when you can’t reach your goals.

episode 7: Balancing Work, Motherhood & Happiness with Maggie Kiley

This week, film and television director Maggie Kiley explains how she created her own opportunities as she grew from an untrained filmmaker to a director on the hit television show, Scream Queens.

Episode 6: bakeries & small business with greg mindel

This week, professional baker Greg Mindel shares his recipe for starting a small business from scratch.

Episode 5: Comedian Wayne Federman's Keys to Success

This week, comedian Wayne Federman shares the best advice that shaped his career - how to handle constant disappointment and failure, why you need a “job job,” and how to use polite persistence to make important, lifelong connections.

Episode 4: Turning Misery into Motivation with Elisabeth Caren

This week, entertainment and fine art photographer Elisabeth Caren proves that a self-taught freelance photographer can make money from working unpaid gigs.

episode 3: The New Creative Business Model with Ari Herstand

This week, blogger and musician Ari Herstand teaches you about alternative paths that will spread your creative brand to a real life and online audience.

EPISODE 2: what can you do today?

This week, Cathy shares the first steps towards your creative goals - figuring out the "what," knowing the "why," and maximizing your resources to start building momentum.


In this very first episode, Cathy shares her secrets and her own inspirational story about becoming a creative success.

Episode 0: Introducing Don't Keep Your Day Job

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